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School Garden

The School Garden is a beautiful and peaceful setting for working and learning together. There are ten raised beds in the garden with perennial plants, bulbs, and seasonal plantings. Students thrive in the garden and in turn, the garden thrives from the students.

Food For The Cafeteria

Students, staff and parent volunteers helped create the school garden beds. Students learn about food production and manage the beds throughout the school year. Students manage everything from soil turning to seeding, watering to weeding, and weekly harvests. Year round gardening provides nutritious food that is served in our cafeteria and provides life long lessons for our students.

Students delight in the satisfaction of growing and maintaining a living snack bar, and producing food that feeds our school community.


  • Start Date April 3, 2017
  • Years Old k-5
  • Class Size 20
  • Class Duration 45 minutes Daily
  • Transportation None Needed
  • Class Staff 1 Teachers, 1 Support Staff
Eating Local
Home Grown Food!