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Rogue Creamery

The kindergarten and first grade classes traveled to the Rogue Creamery to see first hand how cows are milked in this high tech day and age. The students learned how a good pasture can be transformed with organic practices, rotational grazing, and good old fashioned weeding, to re-establish clovers, orchard grasses, and native fescues. The students first hand viewed the 68 grazeable acres of lush cow grasslands on the banks of the Rogue River!

Inside The Barn

The student were invited into the barn to see the cows and how they are milked. The kids got to pet and feed the cows hay. They saw the high tech milking machines and how they are used to extract milk from the cows. The milk hands gave detailed information on the whole milking process of the cow.

After the tour, the students had a wonderful lunch prepared by the Sunny Wolf Chefs on the grassy fields. They returned to school at the end of the day with memories they will never forget.
  • Start Date June 3, 2016
  • Years Old K-1
  • Class Size 20
  • Class Duration 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Transportation Bus
  • Lunch Provided Included
  • Class Staff 2 Teachers, 2 Parents
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